Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kashmir used to be a beautiful place which grew up to be an ugly one. Kashmir is not a beautiful place, nomore. Kashmir is inhabited by heart broken people. Kashmir witnesses abuses, tortures & supressions. The number of physically disabled people are growing. Mental asylums in Kashmir are getting crowded. Kashmir has unmarked graves of its own people. Kashmir misses prosperity, Kashmir misses pandiths, Kashmir misses HUMAN RIGHTS.

The Paramillitary groups, Militants & Indian security forces have been doing every possible thing to turn this heaven to a hell. As a kid I had a sense of respect towards the later. But today I am confused. The army personnel scare me. Their rights (inJ&K) terrify me. There was a time when security would come to my mind on hearing the word army. Back then I did not know what AFSPA is. I did not know what mass graves or mass rapes mean. I had not heard the words like enforced disappearances & fake encounters. I actually had not known of Kashmir as a political dispute.
Armed forces entering & searching any premises or vehicles they want, opening fire on unarmed protestors, & arresting people without warrants, was a news to me. But a bigger news was that those arbitrary arrests & extrajudicial killings are actually Legal when it comes to J&K and the army officers are immune to prosecutions for these actions. Injust! Totally injust. And the biased media will not let the outside people know about this injustice.

Considering the common people of kashmir, They have suffered both pak sponsored terrorism & the terror of Indian security forces. They don't want India or Pakistan. They want peace. Peace! Can there be?